On-Line Giving FAQ's

Use your Credit/Debit Card or Checking/Savings account

for one-time or recurring gifts to St. Mark

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St. Mark has contracted with Vanco Services/eServices so that you may make an online contribution. Using this service, you can setup a charge to your credit/debit card or checking/savings account. Either one-time or recurring gifts can be made through the service. No checks are needed; it's all electronic!

Once you have gone through a simple set up process, the Vanco Service automatically initiates a charge to your account for St. Mark in an amount pre-determined by you, and on a time schedule/frequency that you establish. There is no additional cost to you beyond the amount you give. Whether you are in or out of town, Vanco ensures that your contribution makes it to St. Mark right on schedule! For recurring contributions you can modify the amount or schedule at any time by logging into the Vanco system. What a wonderful way to make your weekly contribution to St. Mark when you are not able to come to church! Payments for retreats such as Youth activities can be made as well as donations to specified ministries and appeals. St. Mark pays a nominal fee to offer this service.

Getting started is easy! Just follow the step by step directions below:


Before you begin, you will need to have your credit/debit card or your checking/savings account information handy. You might also want to have your St. Mark envelope number available.

1.When you are ready to start, click the "Give Now" button above or below or on our home page and a new window will open on Vanco's website.

2. If you would like to set-up an on-going profile to track contributions, click the "CREATE PROFILE" button on the right hand side of the screen. If you want to make a one-time contribution, you may proceed directly to step 8 without setting up a profile..

3. Enter a valid email address (twice for confirmation) and click the "CONTINUE" button.

4. Provide the requested information about yourself and choose a secure password. Make sure to follow the password rules shown to the right.

5. Write down your password for future reference. You will need your email address/password to log in to make future contributions.

6. Click the "CREATE PROFILE" button when you are done. (You will receive an email confirmation).

7. Now click the "ADD TRANSACTION" button.

8. Enter a dollar amount next to the type of contribution you wish to make (e.g. "General Operating" or "Organ Repair", etc.).

9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose a "Donation Frequency'" from the drop-down box (one time, weekly or monthly).

10. Choose a "Start Date" for your recurring contribution by clicking on the calendar icon. NOTE: If you choose a weekend day or federal holiday, the amount will not be transferred until the following business day.

11. Click the "CONTINUE" button.

12. On the next page, choose your desired account type (Checking, Savings, Credit/Debit Card) from the check boxes.

13. Enter your account information as requested.

14. Review the information in the upper right hand corner for correctness.

15. Click the "PROCESS" button to schedule your contribution.

16. You will get a confirmation screen (which you should print for your records).

17. If you created a profile you will also receive a confirmation email regarding the transaction you created. The email will contain web links for returning to the Vanco website and logging in to make any future changes you wish.

18. Your contribution will be noted on your bank statement as "St. Mark Lutheran Church".

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If you would like to review some Frequently Asked Questions about online giving, please click here.